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Real Cooking

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S I M P L E,  U N D E R S T A T E D  C O O K I N G. Good straightforward fare, the sort of thing that you might do at the weekend. A good book for those who like to do some proper cooking without getting too ‘cheffy’ about it. Lots of delightfully retro pictures and some cracking recipes. Everyone seems to love the lamb and haricot bean casserole and the crumbles.

From the introduction:

'I passionately believe that anyone can make themselves something good to eat. Good cooking is within the grasp of anyone with an appetite and a few pots and pans. It takes no expertise to heat up some butter and a squashed clove of garlic in a shallow pan till it froths and bubbles, then slide in a piece of chicken. Let it cook till its skin is crisp and golden, then squeeze in half a lemon and serve it up with its pan juices and a leafy salad to mop them up.'

"No one else writes so sensuously or simply about food....this food bubbles, splatters, hisses and crackles on the page."                                            Rowley Leigh, The Guardian

  "Slater manages simultaneously to really teach something about cooking whilst conveying a sense of personality and hedonistic pleasure...a truly excellent book for those love food."                                                        Independent on Sunday

"The sort of book you`ll get lovingly smeared with fingerprints and drops of oil."              
Nigella Lawson, Vogue

First published Michael Joseph, London 1996; First Published Penguin 1997, 2007