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N I G E L  S L A T E R  is a cook who writes

The author of a collection of bestselling books and presenter of nine BBC television series, Nigel has been the food columnist for The Observer for twenty-five years.

His books include the classics ‘Appetite’, the two-volume ‘Tender’ and ‘The Kitchen Diaries’ trilogy. His memoir ‘Toast - the Story of a Boy’s Hunger’ won six major awards, has been translated into five languages and became a BBC film starring Helena Bonham Carter and Freddie Highmore. 'Eating for England', his collection of essays about Britain at the table, has been dramatised for BBC Radio 4. Nigel's 2013 book, ‘Eat’, won the National Book Award. His latest book, The Christmas Chronicles, has just been published.

Nigel has written a much-loved weekly cookery column, a sort of kitchen confessional, for The Observer, the world's oldest newspaper, since 1993. It is his curiosity and fascination for the details, and his observations of the small, human moments of cooking and eating that are the hallmark of his writing. He is also active on both Twitter and Instagram.

Author, columnist, diarist and programme maker, Nigel remains very much an amateur cook. He is not a professional chef. His food is understated, handcrafted home cooking. He believes there is something quietly civilizing about sharing a meal with other people. “The simple act of making someone something to eat, even a bowl of soup or a loaf of bread, has a many-layered meaning. It suggests an act of protection and caring, of generosity and intimacy. It is in itself a sign of respect.” 

Nigel’s writing has won the National Book Awards, the Glenfiddich Trophy, the James Beard Award, the British Biography of the Year and the André Simon Memorial Prize. Television awards include a Guild of Food Writers’ Award for his BBC1 series Simple Suppers and the BBC Food Personality of the Year. He is an honorary Master of Letters.(MLitt)


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Winter 2017

T E L E V I S I O N   &   R A D I O   N E W S

Nigel Slater's Middle East

A new, three part series of Nigel's travels through Iran, Lebanon and Turkey will be shown this spring.
The programmes start on February 2nd at 9pm on BBC2.
Each is an hour long and is both travelogue and cookery programme.

Toast at The Lowry

A stage production of Nigel's memoir Toast is due to premier at Salford's Lowry Theatre during Week 53, a festival of Coming of Age.
Adapted by Henry Filloux-Bennett, more information is availble on the following link.


 P U B L I S H I N G  N E W S

United Kingdom
The Christmas Chronicles has just been published.

The Netherlands

‘Kitchen Diaries volume ii’ was published in October 2016 by Fontaine Uitgevers.

‘Aan Tafel’ has just been published by Fontaine Uitgevers.
Kitchen Diaries volume i’ has just been published in Dutch by Fontaine Uitgevers as ‘Keuken Dagbook’.

United States
Eat has just been published by Ten Speed Press.
Kitchen Diaries volume ii is published by Random House as ‘Stories from the Larder’.
‘Ripe’ (Tender volume ii) has won the James Beard Award.

Kitchen Diaries volume iii - A Year of Good Eating - was published in German by DuMont Buchverlag in 2016.

Cozinha Råpida is published by Editions Tapioca


Nigel Slater is the author of nine cookery books, a memoir and a collection of essays. He is published in Great Britain by Fourth Estate, in the United States by Ten Speed Press at Random House, by Fontaine Uitgevers in the Netherlands and in Germany by DuMont Buchverlag. His books have been published and edited by Louise Haines for over twenty five years. His book Eat is currently being translated into five languages. His books are all in print.

J O U R N A L I S M 
Nigel has written an exclusive weekly column for The Observer Magazine since 1993. He has also been contributing editor of Food Monthly since its launch fifteen years ago.

To visit the Observer’s archive of his columns go to the Recipes section of this site, or click here: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/series/nigelslaterrecipes

T E L E V I S I O N  &  R A D I O 
Nigel has presented six television series for BBC1 and a trilogy of documentaries for BBC4. 'Eating for England', his collection of essays, has recently been dramatised for BBC Radio 4. His programmes are shown in 52 countries. Nigel Slater and James Thompson are co-founders of the independent television production company Sloe Films. Their first series, Eating Together, premiered in Spring 2015 on BBC1. A major new BBC2 series for 2018 is currently in production. Nigel has appeared on Gardeners’ World, Desert Island Discs, Gardener’s Question Time and Front Row. He is a regular contributor to Woman’s Hour and The Food Programme.

Nigel is not on Facebook. Please follow him on Twitter @NigelSlater and Instagram @nigelslater

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