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Le Livre d'un Cuisinier

Le Livre d'un Cuisinier

The French Edition. 

T H E  E S S E N T I A L  N I G E L  S L A T E R. The story of my cooking life, from the first tray of jam tarts I made with my mother when I was nine, to the food I cook now, in my kitchen at home. With over 200 recipes, each with its own story of how it came to be part of my life, the collection is a mixture of my personal favourites and many new ones. There are chapters on vegetarian suppers and meat-feasts; cakes for everyday and special occasions; bread, everyday suppers and the ritual of tea. Dutch, German and US editions will be published later this year.

From the introduction: 

I am a cook who writes. You could measure my life in recipes. Each one a letter to a friend, a story of something I have made for dinner, the tale of how it came to be on my table. A salad tossed together with broad beans, salted ricotta and the first white-tipped radishes of spring; a roast chicken, its crisp skin served with a fat jug of its roasting juices on an autumn day or a gloriously messy platter of grilled aubergines, hummus and torn flatbread shared with the best of friends. 

That letter might accurately chronicle the details of a cake with which I am quietly pleased, tell the reader of a quince that has simmered peacefully in lemon juice and orange blossom honey on my hob on a winter’s afternoon or mention a pillowy dumpling I have just lifted from a steaming bamboo basket. Sharing food with those at your table - passing round a bowl of late autumn raspberries or a slice of sugar-encrusted blackberry and apple pie – is heart-warming enough, but a recipe posted in a newspaper, ephemerally on social media or in more lasting form in the pages of a book, has the chance to be shared even more widely. It is just a recipe, a suggestion for something you might like to make for others, but it is what I do.

There is something - and this is the point really - that goes hand-in-hand with making something to eat, that transcends putting the finished dish on the table. Cooking - for me at least – is about making yourself something to eat and sharing food with others but is also – whisper it - about the quiet moments of joy to be had along the way. Watching the progress of dinner as you stir onions in a pan, at first crisp, white and pungent – you may have shed a tear - then slowly becoming translucent gold, darkening to bronze, all the time becoming softer, sweeter. Take them too far though, and those sweet onions will turn bitter. And that is where a good recipe comes in and partly the point of what I do, to guide a new cook towards a pleasing dinner, and for those who have been cooking for years, to share a recipe that they may not know.


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