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Farm Kitchen

Farm Kitchen

BBC1 2013

A four-part series of prime-time, hour-long programmes for BBC1. Shown Autumn Winter 2013 and co-presented with Countryfile's Adam Henson, the series was filmed on a working farm in Gloucestershire and follows our food from Farm to Fork. Nigel spent several months with the Righton family at Home Farm in the Cotswolds, growing his own vegetables and generally helping around the farm in an effort to understand a little more of the story of how our food is produced.

Nigel and his co-presenter Adam grew wheat and oats from seed to harvest, eventually bringing them to the kitchen and making bread and pasta. They tended the farm's animals from birth to the point where they left the farm for slaughter, cooking with the meat and producing a final feast for local families. Apples were pressed for cider, vegetables were grown from seed and produce was sold at the local farmer's market.

Production Team:
Food Producer James Thompson. Directors Emma Boswell, Eileen Inkson, Michelle Bullen, Giles Harrison. Studio Director Sarah Myland. Lighting Cameraman John Collins. Executive Producer Tina Flether-Hill.
Series Producer Kate Shiers-Ghellere.

The Recipes
and in which books they appear.

Episode One

Cow Crumble Eat (as Slow Cooked Beef Pie) Eat

All in One Rib Roast, Horseradish Glaze

Sprouts Bacon and Almonds Eat

Lasagne with Basil Oil


Episode Two

Lamb Burgers Eat

Grilled Lamb Belly Eat

Hearty Tomato Soup

Hazelnut Potatoes Eat

Fennel Beetroot Slaw

Simple White Loaf   Appetite

Bread and Jam Pudding


Episode Three

Chorizo Guacamole

Haricot, Herb and Ricotta Dip

Aubergine Hummus Eat

Spiced Chicken Parcel

Garlic Crumbed Chicken

Thai Spiced Roast Chicken


Episode Four

Sausage Danish Eat

Fish and Chips with Wasabi Mash

Cotswold Pudding

Pork Chops with Apple Gloucestershire Hot Pot

Ginger Chocolate Oat Bar

Oat Fig Stuffing