Carrots, Black Beans and Crisp Onions

carrots, canned black or haricot beans, black mustard seeds, an onion, butter, coriander

Scrub, boil and mash 600g carrots with 30g butter, salt, pepper and 150ml of their cooking water. The ideal consistency is between mash and thick soup. Fry 2 teaspoons black mustard seeds in 30g butter then add a 400g can of black beans, drained of their liquid. In a separate pan, cook a large, thinly slice and cook an onion in butter or oil till crisp and deep golden brown.
    Heat the carrot mixture and spoon into bowls, tip over the black beans and mustard seed and their butter, then top with the crisp, sizzling onions. A little coriander at the end if you wish. Enough for 2

  A sweet, aromatic dish to restore and comfort.