Nigel Slater - Eating for England
Eating for England
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D E L I G H T S  &  E C C E N T R I C I T I E S. Eating for England is a personal and somewhat playful portrait of the British and how they eat. It is a collection of short, affectionate and occasionally mischievous essays about our relationship with food. Eating for England details our obsessions, failings and a curious assortment of culinary icons and makes the point that we have much to celebrate - from pork scratchings and afternoon teas to seaside rock and Jamie Oliver. Published in 2007, Eating for England is available in hardback, paperback and as an audio book.

"Nigel Slater is a national treasure"  Sunday Times

"This is food writing with a masterchef. As ever, Slater is also very funny; why, indeed do the British puddings syllabub, flummery, blancmange sound like thye are being enunciated under water?"             The Times

"The quirkiest food book of the year. 200 essayettes by our culinary national treasure ranging from an in depth consideration of gravy to a dismissal of the jammy dodger"  The Independent

"Nigel Slater understands as well as anybody how to turn ingredients into a meal, but his big thing is his grasp of how a meal can turn into a new confection in the mind. For Slater, a meal isn`t just nourishment, it`s memory, nostalgia, excitements and heartache.... A wonderfully comforting book. William Leith, Evening Standard.
ISBN 978-0-00-719947-1 First Published Fourth Estate, 2007. Harper Perennial 2008. Harper Collins Audio book, 2007